Haunted Attractions

Frightening Fun in the Laurel Highlands

Unearth the best haunted houses, hayrides and so much more Halloween horror. Climb aboard a wagon and ride into terrifying darkness, hear ghost stories and legends of apparitions and experience lingering spirits at historic landmarks throughout the Laurel Highlands.These ominous, hair-raising attractions will have you on edge and clinging to your companions.

Haunted Hillside

Haunted hillside man

Hear the twisted story of the Farmer family, who captured and killed passers-by to harvest their souls for the demon they were enslaved by. The government dispatched a black ops team to investigate and seize control of the situation. Will you survive a trip through the salvage yard where a neighbor and his mechanical monstrosities are seeking revenge? There are so many frights and terrors around every corner of this disturbing area. You will start and end with a hayride, but there is a mile-long hike through the supernatural in between, so dress appropriately.

Huston's Haunted Hollow


After the Revolutionary War, the Huston family opened up a boarding house with a mad mistress who trapped her boarders and made sure they slept like the dead. The haunted boarding house is just the start of the horrific tour because Huston's is full of sinister creatures. Visit the traveling circus that resides in the barn, take a haunted hayride, walk through the toxic swamp full of mutilated monsters then finally make your way through the Dead End Cornfield. 

Haunted Hayloft


Witness the terrifying night of the Umberger tragedy, experience the fate of the murderers and follow them to their home in hell at the Haunted Hayloft. Will you escape? If you do, will you ever be the same? The fright of your life awaits you. Try to remain sane in the Horrors of Hell, where you will face many of your fears. After you're done, try to find your way home through the Corn Maze of Carnage. Then load up on the wagons with paintballs in hand. Will you get them, or will they get you?

Valley of Terror

Sept.29-30 and Oct. 6-29

Lonesome Valley Farms

The gruesome madness at the Slotter farm, a once-thriving agricultural haven, will stay with you forever. Will B. Slotter and his family crossbred animals at the farm, and these creatures turned into aggressive flesh-eating monsters. Legend has it that Will still visits the farm. The farmhouse and barn are open for tours for only the bravest souls. Take a hayride and make your way through the maze trail or if you're too scared, venture into the 5-acre corn maze that isn't infested with anything scary.

BOOnanza on the Mountain

BOOnanza on the Mountain

Nemacolin open its doors Oct. 27-28 for BOOnanza on the Mountain, where they will host ghosts and goblins. You can take on zombies with a paintball gun, take a carriage ride with the headless horseman, go on Louie's Haunted Train Ride, hear the howl of the wolves at the wolf habitat or go on a Nightmare Jeep® ride through the haunted woods, if you dare.

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