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LHVB Partner Extranet

Learn How to Use the LHVB Partner Extranet

If you're not exactly sure what the Extranet is or how to use it, don't panic! Take a look at the following helpful tools and if you are still a bit confused, feel free to give us a call.

The LHVB Extranet is a secure tool used via the internet allowing LHVB partners to sign in and update the information the LHVB has in its database about your company or property.

This terrific tool allows LHVB partners the ability to update their listing on, add new photos and videos, update featured amenities, list social media accounts, submit events and post special packages and coupons.

You can also easily view some of the benefits you’ve received by being an LHVB marketing partner and request our printed materials to be delivered to your business, such as the annual destination guide, regional map and seasonal calendar of events.

Another great feature of the Extranet is the “post board” area that will allow you, as marketing partners, to post messages to a board seen by all LHVB Extranet users. Feel free to post business information, company news, job openings and questions that you would like to share with your fellow tourism businesses.

Click here to access the LHVB Partner Extranet.


Helpful Training Tools for the LHVB Extranet 

View or download PDF instructions.

The Extranet training video below offers step-by-step instructions on how to use all of the available features of the LHVB Extranet. This video can be viewed either on this page or in YouTube by clicking the link.

More training information can be found by logging into the LHVB Partner Extranet.