Marketing Summit

Marketing Summit

Save The Date: Nov. 8, 2019

We're busy preparing for the 9th annual Marketing Summit to be held Nov. 8, 2019, at the Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College. If you're interested in speaking or sponsoring on that day, please contact Jared Bundy at


Is this your first Summit? Check out these FAQs to get you started:

  • When is it? Friday, Nov. 9, 2019 from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • Where is it? The Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College.
  • What do I wear? Dress casual! Jeans and t-shirts are encouraged.
  • Is there food? You'll be well-fed with a new-and-improved breakfast spread, an awesome lunch of soup, salad and pizza plus snacks available on your table.
  • Is there coffee? All you can drink! Coffee service is available throughout the day.
  • Are there prizes? You betcha. We'll have prizes and giveaways from Summit t-shirts to tech gadgets.
  • Is there an after-party? We're working on it.

Previous Summits

2018 Summit Recap

2018 Speakers:

2017 Summit Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented at, sponsored and helped with the 7thannual Interactive Marketing Summit, brought to you by the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau!

2017 Summit Presentations:

Event Photos:

 2016 Summit:

Presentations and takeaway materials from the speakers:

“Media Convergence: Making It Work” presented by Pete Baird, Media Director, and Jorge Puron, Senior Art Director, Red House Communications

"Growth Hack Tutorial" presented by Phil Laboon, CEO of Eyeflow Internet Marketing

"The Compelling 'WHY' of Web Video" presented by Robert Faletti, Partner, Blue Archer

"Websites: Less is Necessary - The Art of Saying More with Less" presented by Nicholas Comanici, Marketing Strategist, Carney+Co.    

"Essential Analytics Tips & Tricks" presented by Chris Herring, Director of Digital Marketing, and Sarah Peduzzi, Digital Marketing Strategist, BarkleyREI

Download the 2016 Interactive Marketing Summit Event Program.

2015 Summit:

Presentations and takeaway materials from the speakers:

“Stop Guessing! Leverage Customer Insights for an Actionable Digital Strategy” presented by Michael Bartholow, Senior Search Project Manager at LunaMetrics

"Big Data for Small Businesses: The Future of Marketing" presented by Phil Laboon, CEO of Eyeflow Internet Marketing

Other Digital Assets from Eyeflow Internet Marketing

“Why You Should Consider Social as Part of Your Advertising Strategy” presented by Bruce Kearns, Vice President of Operations at Community Elf

“A Field Guide to Tourism Analytics” presented by Chris Herring, Director of Digital Marketing at BarkleyREI

2014 Summit:

Presentations and takeaway materials from the speakers:

"Waking Up Your Analytics Strategy!" presented by Jon Meck, Technical Marketing Manager at LunaMetrics 

"How to Climb to the Top of the Search Results" presented by Phil Laboon, CEO of Eyeflow Internet Marketing  

"Creating a Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Strategy" presented by Chris Vendilli, Founder of ProFromGo Internet Marketing 
ProFromGo Helpful Handouts:

"Why Social, Why Now" presented by Shannon Baker, Partner/Executive Vice President Public Relations & Social Media at Gatesman+Dave (This presentation is not available, however you are able to view work done by Gatesman+Dave that Shannon mentioned during her presentation, here: 

Download the 2014 Interactive Marketing Summit Event Program.

Event Pictures:

Post by Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau.


2013 Interactive Marketing Summit 

The 2013 Interactive Marketing Summit took place on Friday, November 8!

Presentations from the 2013 Interactive Marketing Summit:

"Old vs. New SEO" - presented by Phil Laboon, CEO / President of Eyeflow Internet Marketing

"Google Analytics: Geek Speak for the Technically Meek" - presented by Ben Pritchard, Interactive Technology Director at Garrison Hughes

"From Liking to Pinning...Is My Social Media Strategy Winning?" - presented by Ashli Mazer, Director of Marketing at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort