1st Place Paul Valerio, Bushy Run Battlefield

Timeless Beauty Filled With American History

Epic colonial, and pre-colonial, military events in southwestern Pennsylvania set the course for western exploration, led to the creation of Pittsburgh, and changed world history. Many of these events happened in the heart of the Laurel Highlands, shaping the region for generations to come. 

Explore battlegrounds on which young George Washington proved his bravery, pay homage to American heroes, and see history come to life. From thrilling reenactments and historic places to moving monuments and educational exhibits, so much historical significance can be found in this region. Explore our historic sites and discover a piece of the past that’s new to you. 

1754: Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Visit the site of Washington’s first military engagement and his only surrender. 

Fort-Ligonier-21758 – 1766: Fort Ligonier
Explore the fully reconstructed French and Indian War fort, featuring the Washington Gallery, which includes Washington’s saddle pistols and memoirs. 

1763: Bushy Run Battlefield
See the site of the battle that marked a major turning point in Pontiac’s War. 

1773-1782: Historic Hanna’s Town
One of the first towns to take up arms against British oppression, Historic Hanna’s Town was bustling with Revolutionary War activity, and is now the site of a reconstructed colonial village where history comes to life. 

compass inn1799: Compass Inn Museum
Experience everyday life in the early 1800s at this restored 1799 stagecoach stop where costumed docents serve as your tour guides.

1800-1900: West Overton Village & Museum
Explore the birthplace of Henry Clay Frick, one of the largest coke producers in the country, and learn more about coal and coke production, the history of the whiskey rebellion, and more. 

Flight 93 National Memorial2001: Flight 93 National Memorial
Visit the site of the tragic crash of Flight 93, one of four hijacked commercial airliners on September 11, 2001. The visitors center house an exhibits that catalogs the harrowing events of that day with artifacts from the crash. 

2002: Quecreek Mine Rescue
Hear the miraculous story of the Quecreek mine rescue of 2002, where all nine trapped miners were saved after 77 hours spent 240 feet underground. 

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