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Fishing Information

The Laurel Highlands has miles of pristine Pennsylvania trout fishing streams, creeks, rivers and runs.

Fishing in the Laurel Highlands

It's no surprise why fishermen of all kinds flock to the Laurel Highlands. Pennsylvania has more miles of trout streams than any state in the contiguous United States, and Somerset County in the Laurel Highlands has more approved trout streams than any other county in the state.

Whether you prefer to cast your reel from a boat or you’d rather wade through deep water, you’ll find a peaceful spot where the fish are biting. Skilled experts and beginners have the opportunity to head out with seasoned guides that are eager to share their tips and tricks and will make their your fishing trip an enjoyable success. If you don't want to spend a day casting out, try a fee-fishing trout farm where you're guaranteed to catch a fish!

Interactive Fishing Trail Map

This interactive fishing map highlights some of the streams, lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the Laurel Highlands as well as general fishing regulations and fish species information for that body of water.

Map Key

Rivers pin Rivers  Lakes pin Lakes  Streams pin Streams and Runs  Boating pin Boating Waters  Fee pin Fee Fishing

These pins mark the body of water, not the best place to park. If you have more accurate GPS coordinates for parking or water access or if we are missing a notable fishing spot, please share them with us.

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