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A Community Re-Use Event!

Do you have items around the house that you no longer use, but keep because they are still "good?" We're talking about a bread-maker that you received for Christmas a few years back, a sweater or a skirt that doesn't fit anymore...maybe a MP3 player that's a few generations old, or a DVD player and a collection of DVD's that you no longer use because everything can now be streamed?

Even though these items are no longer used by you or your can't throw them away, because they still work, there's nothing wrong with them, they are still "good!" You might have toyed with the idea of throwing them away, but they are still "good!"

That's where Swap412 comes in!

We are looking for items in good or better condition that you no longer want or need. We ask that you bring clean, reusable, portable items (please, no large kitchen appliances!) such as clothing, housewares, small kitchen appliances, books, small electronics, toys, videos and games that you no longer need to one of our Swap412 events. There is no charge to drop off any of these items.

At our event, you will be directed to the drop-off area where our volunteers will collect, organize and sort your items so they can be placed into the swap. Items left at the end of the Swap412 event will be warehoused and brought out for subsequent Swap412 events. Items that stick around for more than 6 months will be donated to an appropriate local charity that will put them to good use.

For additional information please visit  Schemm Productions.