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The Company was originally incorporated in 1908 as Ligonier Valley Telephone Company to provide service in the Stahlstown exchange. Typical of small telephone companies formed at the turn of the 20th century, the Company was founded by a group of local farmers and business people who wanted to ensure their rural communities were not bypassed by the telecommunications industry. In 1962, the Company acquired Indian Creek Valley Telephone Company and began providing service in the Indian Head exchange. At that time, the Company changed its name to Laurel Highland Telephone Company to reflect the fact that its service territory covered a significant portion of the geographic area referred to as the Laurel Highlands.


In 1996, Laurel Highland Telephone Company acquired a newly formed company, Laurel Highland Long Distance Company (LHLD), which is a reseller of interLATA toll service. At the start of 2006, Laurel Highland Telephone Company implemented a corporate restructuring whereby it and LHLD became wholly owned subsidiaries of Laurel Highland Total Communications, Inc. (LHTC), a newly formed holding company. As part of the corporate restructuring, LHTC acquired Laurel Highland Television Company, an affiliate company that has been providing television services in the Laurel Highlands since 1967.


In 2017, the Company rebranded as LHTC Broadband. LHTC Broadband still provides local phone, long distance, Internet, and cable television services to customers across 200 square miles in rural Pennsylvania. LHTC Broadband employs over 30 people and is headquartered in Stahlstown with a business office in Indian Head.


LHTC Broadband's success has been derived from a long-standing commitment to provide customers with high quality services, which are delivered at affordable prices and supported with personalized care. LHTC Broadband continues to invest heavily in its infrastructure so that customers can enjoy the state-of-the-art communications services available through LHTC Broadband's network - both now and in the future.


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