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Will you be able to find plans to a life-changing discovery or escape from becoming the experiment of a doctor who has gone mad?

What is an escape room?
An escape room is a real live game, a fun interactive activity for you and your friends to enjoy. You will be locked in a specially designed room full of clues, puzzles and brainteasers. You will be given a back story and an objective, which you have to complete within one hour in order to escape.

The Discovery
A professor at Saint Vincent made a life-changing discovery. Potentially dangerous, this discovery could also be used to sustain mankind for centuries to come. Before Professor Lyle could reveal his discovery to the world, he mysteriously disappeared. He has left a trail for only the most brilliant to solve. Your mission is to find the plans for "Element X" before they fall into the wrong hands and get out unnoticed.

The Experiment
You and your group of friends were captured by a doctor who has devoted his whole life to finding a cure for the common cold. He has gone mad - obsessed - and now he has found you. You must act quickly. Teamwork, intelligence, and wit will determine your fate. If you don't get out in time, you are destined to become part of the experiment.



  • Adult Admission: $25
  • Wheelchair Accessible: