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Wizard College "Searching Beasts" Overnight Camp

6/24/2018, 6/25/2018, 6/26/2018, 6/27/2018, 6/28/2018, 6/29/2018


Overnight Program 5th-12th grade :: June 24-29 :

Students will have the opportunity to participate in academically and creatively theme based immersion experiences, led by qualified teachers. These hands-on interactive courses will happen throughout the week offering a deeper learning experience than before. Students can select any two (2) immersion experiences in which they can investigate and participate fully. Each immersion leads to a final project that can be self-designed and directly related to the experience. Instructor will encourage full participation, collaboration, authentic learning, and offer project-based experiences to encourage students to deepen understanding and the experience. All immersions will be held Monday through Friday followed by activities, night adventures, and social events. Students are supervised by an education major counselor at all times while staying on the Saint Vincent Campus. Space is limited - register today!

Robotics, Inventions, Physics, & Engineering Immersions

Students interested in deepen their learning and exploring the aspects of applied physical sciences will find this immersion area very intriguing. Students that enjoy robotics, design, creative technological invention, physics and engineering will delight in the courses.

Multimedia, Photographic, Arts, & Design Immersions

For student interested in the digital arts, photography, and computer generated multimedia these immersions are for them. Each of the immersions build on concepts of design and development to create unique art and technology expressions. 

Fitness, Environment, & Performance Immersions

Active students interested in the outdoors or physical activities will delight in the unique offerings in this area. Combining nature, exercise, and performance can have new learning outcomes that can lead to one-of-a-kind experiences. Whether students enjoy showing their skills, hiking and exploring nature, or desire to improve their lifestyle this is the immersion group has it all.

Legal Investigation, Expression, & Justice Immersions

Students that enjoy composition, writing as well as debating issues and exploring evidence will enjoy this immersion area very much. These courses will give students the opportunity express views founded in research or one's own creative thought.

Space is limited in each immersion. Register Today!

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