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Watercolor Workshop - Figurative Design with Jeannie McGuire

October 24, 2019 - October 26, 2019


Join Latrobe Art Center for a workshop with nationally renowned artist Jeannie McGuire!

In Jeannie McGuire’s Figurative Design Watercolor Workshops she shares many aspects of her art through versatile projects and extended experimentation. As a student you are encouraged to be inspired by the instructors approach; to imagine a story, character and persona of the people in your reference photos; to find your own unique signature/style or improve upon your drawing and painting skills; discover the freedom of intuitive painting and go beyond illustration and create paintings worthy of exhibition. Students will explore the interplay between the figurative subject(s) and their backgrounds, natural design in reference materials, cropping impact, pigment maintenance, using a higher ratio of pigment to water, intentional and spontaneous marks, use of titanium white, and the freedom to change one’s mind. Each day begins with a demo pertaining to the days project such as; exploring eyes and faces in an unconventional way; focus on a single figure with an obscure background; and intertwine a group of people with their background elements. Artists receive plenty of personal attention and painting time.

Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced.

Limited spots available. Contact us by Wednesday, October 9 to reserve your spot! Call Latrobe Art Center at 724-537-7011 or click on the "Tickets" link above to reserve your spot.


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