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Join yoga teacher and spiritual healing artist Tami Gingrow on her “Summer Tour”!

This is an all levels class...perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Summer session through September 26th

Time: Every Wednesday Morning from 11am-12:15pm. 

Register here. You can bring cash or enter any amount on the registration. Keeping in mind average cost for a yoga class ranges from $10-15.

“Transformational Elemental Yoga” is Body in Balance’s signature yoga class.. With an emphasis on pranayama, alignment, immersing yourself in the elements and nature, and most importantly going within to discover your higher consciousness. Tami loves to playfully explore how to build more challenging poses from the ground up using architectural features and props in nature.

Tuning into our true nature and our child nature while increasing strength, flexibility stamina and core strength. Discover the Goddess within.

We hope to build and strengthen community by offering our “Garden Party Yoga Series”, including a HEALTHY potluck - PLUS opportunities to participate in organic gardening projects or other holistic lifestyle activities such as foraging and preserving, using plant medicines and more.

The idea is that we come together in our neighborhoods. We help our neighbors in need if we are able. We share tips on transforming our health. We break bread together. Really getting to know our neighbors and develop strong bonds. Please bring a HEALTHY potluck lunch dish if you wish!

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