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"The Everly Borthers Holiday Show" featuring The Zmed Brothers

December 11, 2019


In August of 2018, the Arcadia featured a new act to the Theater, “The Everly Brothers Experience”, featuring the Zmed Brothers. People raved about this show and asked us to have them back again.  After further contact with the group, we realized they also do a Holiday Show. So you asked, we heard you, and they are back again to help us celebrate the holiday season!

The Zmed Brothers bring a genuine and youthful Everly Brothers Experience to the stage. Zachary and Dylan Zmed celebrate the genetic intimacy so ever-present in the harmonies created by Don and Phil. When the guitar became electric, the Everly Brothers bridged the gap between country and R& B creating Rock n Roll that had never been heard before.

With countless hits and classics, The Everly Brothers-inspired artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, The Kinks, and many groups that utilize the blend of two-part harmony.  Their career spanned three decades and they continue to influence artists around the world. The Everly Brothers Experience will amaze the audience!


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