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Second Saturdays at Art Adventures & Town Tours

February 8, 2020 - October 10, 2020


Spend a day immersed in art with Art Adventures & Town Tours!

Art Activities:  4 art activities are available - Participant must reserve  a minimum of 2 art activities.  If a participant reserves all 4 art activities($100 + purchases while at event) then participant receives a $12 discount! 

Makeovers ($30 +) -- You can book makeup or hair or both plus nail color change.  Jewelry consultations and jewelry for sale.  Space to do a selfie before and after. Impromptu fashion shows are encouraged!!

Painters' Square -- $25 and up - choose 1 of the 4 available artists to reserve and who will paint or sketch your portrait.  Examine their work sample on the "Book Now" button on our Facebook Page and identify their costs, media, etc. 

JESi Games -- $5 to reserve a spot on our huge game table where you will learn new unique war strategy games, paint game pieces, play a new card game and otherwise have fun.  Games are available to order at the event.  We are also recruiting for Game Leaders interested in having their own gaming business.  Perfect place for board gamers to hang out all afternoon.

Paint Mob -- $20.  Witness the birth of the Paint Mob.  We know of no other activity like this--anywhere.  Your group uses music, movement and touching to create abstract works of art.  Its a mixture of mosh-pit, dance, and art to make a fun group activity. We have a large selection of music genres from which to choose for your paint mob party.  Group of 5-15 participants are necessary to make this activity fun.


Head to our event website and pick the service you want and when you want to attend!

Reservation Payment Options:  Credit Card (all kinds); pay pal; check by mail. 

Day of Event Purchases are additional:  Check, Credit Cards (all kinds), cash

Last Minute Decisions?  If space is available you may register for an activity on the day of event, however, fees at the door are usually $5 more than advanced reservation fees.

Audience Participation is encouraged and is free!!


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