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Musical Theatre Camp 2

July 8, 2019 - July 26, 2019


Camp runs 9-4, Monday thru Friday. Starting at 9 every day, students begin their core classes which are made up of Acting, Voice, Jazz, Tap, and Modern. The classes are broken into ability levels and each lasts 45 minutes. Every class is designed to give students a lot of information in a short amount of time. Acting classes work on monologues and scenes, as well as, technique. Dance classes are meant to introduce and strengthen technique and stretch ability. Voice classes are designed to expand repertoire and strengthen technique while ensuring healthy vocal production. All classes are taught by trained professionals.

In the afternoon, after lunch, students in both age groups rehearse the show they are performing at the end of camp. On the first day of camp there is an audition. This is NOTHING to be afraid of. We want you to do your best so you can have a chance to shine onstage. Most lead roles are double or triple cast depending on the amount of students and roles. Usually the rehearsal process starts by learning the music. Choreography rehearsals require you have clothes you are able to move in and all the students must wear appropriate footwear. It is important to keep track of your materials and to bring a pencil to rehearsal to write down blocking and choreography. When we move into the theatre for the final days of camp your whole day is now rehearsal only. Remember rehearsals will accomplish more and create a better show if all of us work together and support one another!

For pre-teens and teens.

Shows July 26 and 27


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