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Mister Fred Rogers Fine Arts Juried Exhibition

September 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020



Fred Rogers was a pioneer in children’s media, but he was also an artist, minister, musician, composer, environmentalist, and advocate for children and families. With his gentle, unassuming manner, he made a profound impression on everyone he encountered.

Fred Rogers treated everyone with the same respect and sensitivity that he knew had helped him as a child. His strong moral code informed every aspect of his life—from how he lived, to the community that he chose for his family and work. As a gifted communicator Fred Rogers was able to tie all of those elements together.

The legacy of Mister Fred Rogers is of great value and importance—not just to children, but to all of us. His thoughtful and sensitive approach continues to be of great value to many generations of children through his programs and the work of others who follow his example.



Latrobe Art Center continues to nurture and inspire his timeless wisdom to children, families, and professionals through our art education, exhibitions, and community events.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was the brainchild of Mrs. Elaine “Laney” Rogers Crozier, Mister Rogers’ sister, and her friend Mrs. Elizabeth “Libby” Hazlett. Mrs. Crozier and Mrs. Hazlett had a vision to create an art center in the heart of downtown Latrobe where local artists could exhibit their work. Seventeen years later, Latrobe Art Center is a welcoming place for adults and children of all skill levels to grow their artistic talents and interests, reaching out to the community through art education programming, community involvement, quality artwork, and our local eatery, Ricolita’s Café.

The Art Center features two spacious, professionally lighted, state-of-the-art galleries which allows us to exhibit all entries to the Mister Fred Rogers Fine Arts Juried Exhibition in a museum-quality space for the enjoyable viewing of the artists and public alike.

We encourage you to participate in this year’s juried exhibition and showcase your work in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Please, Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?


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