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Missions: Spellbound, Black Widow, Photo Bomb and Comic Relief

July 9, 2020 - December 31, 2020


We are ready to invite you back to our facility and are doing so responsibly. That means we have put into place  enhanced health and safety procedures. Choose from the popular  Spellbound Black Widow  Photo Bomb and  Comic Relief missions, while we resume efforts to open our second location in Murrysville.

in accordance with federal and state health guidelines

Current Missions Include:


Becoming a wizard isn’t easy. You’ve traveled to the magic school and taken the admissions exam, but didn’t pass. As a result, a horrible curse has been placed on you to ensure you don’t attempt further magic as a muggle.

Your train ride home has been summoned, but the door to the wizarding world is within reach. Can you reverse the curse and prove that you have the skills to join the wizarding school before your ride home arrives?

Black Widow

Yesterday, while paying respects at Mr. Black’s wake where the entire family has gathered for the first time in ages, his wife died suddenly. The coroner ruled it was due to natural causes, but his son refuses to believe it. Upon immediate consultation with a psychic medium, he has learned that her spirit is claiming a murder took place and her spirit won’t rest until the truth is out. He has hired your spy team to investigate the scene of this alleged murder and release her spirit before things get spooky at tomorrow’s funeral viewing.

You have identified a small window of opportunity to break into the funeral home on the eve of the funeral. You have 60 minutes before the funeral director will arrive home from his errands. Get caught and your team will be sent to jail for breaking an entering and disturbing the dead!

Photo Bomb

Congratulations! After attending a local charity event, you’ve won a group photography session with one of the area’s favorite photographers. She’s considered a famed member of the paparazzi for capturing exclusive footage from the most scandalous local happenings here in Greensburg.

Upon entering her photography studio, the door locks behind you and she is no where in sight. An FBI report flashes on the television reporting live from the courthouse – she has certainly left to photograph the event. As it turns out, winning that charity prize may have been a misfortune. The mission is to figure out the scandal before you go from being just a background character to the focal point of an alleged crime.

Comic Relief

Greensburg hasn’t had a laugh in quite some time. At the local comedy club, a travelling comedian told a really bad joke about the mayor and he didn’t laugh. Instead the mayor closed the club and locked all the comedians’ jokes away forever. Ever since then, things around here just haven’t been as funny.

Since everyone really needs a laugh these days, you’re here to provide some Comic Relief. Your mission is to sneak into the comedy club, open the joke vault and restore the laughter so we can all have a chuckle again.


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