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Leaders in Training Experience Camp, Grades 14-19

June 14, 2020 - June 19, 2020


The Leaders in Training Experience is a leadership camp which will challenge you to develop leadership skills that will benefit you throughout your life. You will step into the role of a servant-leader as you seek the characteristics of Biblical leaders; learn through study, discussion & hands-on activities; and begin to lead on your own in the camp setting. Taking part in a portion of counselor training will allow you to learn with our summer staff and join with them to create an engaging camp community and culture. We’ll also do all the fun Camp activities you know and love along with the great learning experiences this camp provides. You may have the opportunity to return and serve as a volunteer with our summer program and put your new skills into practice. After the $50 registraion fee, this program will generously be funded by churches in the Western PA District.


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