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Haunted Hollow - Western Pa's premier haunted attraction now offering five haunted experiences and a 15-minute Escape Room. Experience "Terror In the Walls" of the Haunted Boarding House, the all-new Milford Asylum, HollowWood Haunted Hayride & Toxic Wasteland and Dead End Cornfield. Meet "Mad Mae," the evil landlady who makes sure that all of her guests "sleep like the dead." 

In the years following the Revolutionary War, the Huston family opened up a boarding house in a desolate hollow in the Appalachian Mountains east of Pittsburgh Pa. Boarders often stayed to work the local coal mines and sawmill or help with the annual crop harvest. Even the occasional Renegade Civil War solder would stop and share tales of the atrocities of the war. The Huston’s adopted daughter Mae Bruner was the house mistress but after a disfiguring accident, began to exhibit certain evil tendencies. Each of her rooms had a wicked surprise awaiting her unsuspecting guests. Her reputation as a cruel landlady became known far and wide and eventually, no one ventured near the “Boarding House” for fear of becoming another one of “Mad Mae’s” permanent boarders! The house has long since been abandoned but some say that the malevolent spirit of Mad Mae still walks the property making sure that all of her guests…..sleep like the dead!


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