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Halloween Hauntings Storytelling Tours

10/24/2020, 10/30/2020, 10/31/2020


The waning autumn sun sets over Compass Inn Museum. Torches and newly-carved Jack-O-Lanterns illuminate the walkways leading to the dimly-lit rooms of this once bustling stop. A cold breeze cuts through the air, rattling the dead leaves still clinging to the old maple tree. Compass Inn Museum’s Annual Halloween Hauntings Tours have begun! As visitors begin to file up the gravel sidewalks, a figure steps out of the inn, approaching the excited patrons. A woman dressed in white. She beckons them to follow her into the comfort of the main room. The guests eagerly follow, hoping to catch a glimpse of an 18th-century apparition. As they enter the warmth of the room, the ghostly-figure in white fades away into the darkness.

That’s right! It’s almost that time of year.

Tour the historic grounds and Compass Inn Museum, as the docents guide you through the past, immersing you in the eerie fables of those that lived, worked, and stopped at early 19th-century Compass Inn. Halloween Hauntings will have two different experiences for visitors to choose from

Amanda Seim, Compass Inn Museum Program Coordinator says, “The inn will be lighted by candlelight and fireplaces, so it'll be a spooky setting to listen to ghost stories. Visitors will get a great value since admission includes the tour as well as some refreshments. On October 26th and 27th we'll be featuring reenactor Joanne Shelby-Klein, who will be portraying a Civil War widow in mourning.”

Special Halloween Pricing: $9 per person ages 13-61, $8 per person ages 62+, $7 children 5-12, free children 5 and younger. Included with admission, visitors will be given an unforgettable tour, hot dog or s’more, and a cup of hot chocolate!

Reservations are not required but are strongly encouraged. Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. For more information or to make reservations, contact Amanda at 724-238-4983 or


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