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Forever Color an exhibition by Heather Davis

August 20, 2020 - October 10, 2020


The Bottle Works is proud to present Forever Color an exhibition by artist Heather Davis!

Join us from August 20 – October 10 to witness the oil paintings, sculpture, and drawings of one of the areas most passionate and masterful artists, Heather Davis. An artist’s reception will be held on Saturday August 29 from 11 AM – 2 PM. Heather will be on hand to discuss her work and give you some personal insight into the experience of emotional and intellectual touching through imagery that motivates her work. Then at 2 PM Heather will share a discussion on the “gift of dyslexia”. She is driven to explore the effects that dyslexia has had on her own life and art, and to help us understand the effects on those around us.

Artist Statement

“The experience of emotional and intellectual touching through imagery is the motivation. Reaching into the brain for the actual abstract concepts of visual messaging is the focus. Being able to present extremely well thought out and executed professional quality artwork of value that connects to others with a clear, competent, and passionate language of importance is the goal. The language must be all my own.
A picture may well be worth a thousand words. It is comprehended in the right side of one’s brain many times faster than the left side can process words and speech. Human beings have presented their life story in visual forms on varying surfaces all over the world…it matters. I seek to create what I, alone, can create that others cannot or will not commit to the difficult task of executing. Difficulty factor matters to me.
As I mature into this thought process the work is taking on a larger than life feeling. I started with landscapes of historic interest and importance, and then it suddenly became more about the people that created such buildings. So I moved into some situational portraits of area giants at work in their studio environments. I realized I was extremely grateful for these people and their incredible dedication to art and giving back to society.
This thinking pushes the theme of my exploration to the human spirit in general and the amazing things we do for the sake of others. I am pursuing difficult and complicated works that will deal with and express the incredible accomplishments of so many others…they come in all walks of life. Through my search for a complex language and style of my own, I will continue to look out at the world through this lens and hopefully one day make an important and lasting contribution of my own.”
Heather Davis


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