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The Dream Concert of the 60s combines the east coast sound of New Jersey and the Four Seasons, the west coast sound of California and that of the Beach Boys and finally a rare tribute Concert to The Monkees!

The Jersey Seasons, Beach Party Boys and the Daydream Believers will transform themselves from one group to another in the same evening and perform the greatest hits of each group beginning with The Four Seasons, then the Beach Boys, and finally with the Monkees.

This is one show for fans of the 60s and those who love harmony and the compositions of Gaudio/ Crewe, Brian Wilson, and the writers from the Brill Building in New York who penned some of the Monkees greatest hits as well as Neil Diamond, Boyce and Hart, and Jeff Barry and Elli Greenwich.

The Dream Concert of the 60s is a dream come true for baby boomers who grew up as teenagers during this most exciting time!



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