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West Overton Village and Museums invites visitors to touch, smell, and taste parts of the past with its fall edition of hands-on, DIY History!

Tickets for this family-friendly event are $5 for a single admission and $15 for families, and can be purchased in advance online  or at the door. At the Overholt Homestead, visitors will receive an activity passport to have stamped at each activity station.

You will learn about history, science, and advancements in technology as you dip beeswax candles, make apple cider on an antique press, and create herbal and scented soap. "Do we actually get to touch that?" Yes! DIY history allows visitors of all ages the opportunity to touch, smell and even taste parts of the past. 

Check in at the Overholt Homestead to purchase a fall Activity Passport and to find out about other exciting activities, games and events happening at West Overton Village and Museum.




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