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West Overton Village and Museums invites visitors to touch, smell, and taste parts of the past with its first hands-on, DIY History!

Tickets for this family-friendly event are $5 for a single admission and $15 for families, and can be purchased in advance on our website  or at the door. At the Overholt Homestead, visitors will receive an activity passport to have stamped at each activity station.

As visitors churn their own butter, hand wash laundry, cook on an open hearth, and play 19th century games, they will learn about life in the 1800s. Each activity will also teach other lessons such as the science of turning cream into butter and changes in laundry technology from manual to Maytag. After having their passport stamped at every activity, visitors will earn a prize. Visitors can also test their sleuthing skills with the new village-wide scavenger hunt game, Clued-in.




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