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Ladies and Gentlemen...START YOUR ENGINES for the 2nd Annual Devout Brewing PINT-wood Derby!

Why let your kids have all the fun? Build your own car and see how it stacks up against the competition, all while having a nice cold one. There are three classes to choose from. Stock class uses the same rules as the local youth organizations. Or you can be a bit more adventurous and join the modified class. Both the stock and modified classes include a car kit as part of your registration. New this year we have added the Recycled Class. Recycled uses the same rules as the stcok class but you can use a car build in the past (you do not get a car kit as part of your registration). Both classes offer trophies and prizes to the winner. You must be 21+ to race a car due to the nature of the prizes but those under 21 can attend the race. Please visit the website here for general race information, rules, and class regulations.



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