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Join us for a talk by Bushy Run volunteer Scott Perry for his talk, A Tale of Two Uprisings.

In June of 1763 a Native army swept over British holdings quickly and unexpectedly. The British were woefully unprepared for the attack and it took time to ready a counter to this threat. In early August, after difficult cross-county marches in oppressive heat, the British response force met very heavy Native resistance. After a very a very tough battle the British forces emerged victorious and went on to win the war. This was in Bengal, a similar situation unfolded in North America during Pontiac’s War.

This lecture will examine the similarities and differences between native uprisings in two of the British Empire’s frontiers in the summer of 1763, both, strangely enough, fought against forces the soldiers would refer to as Indians, although they were on opposite sides of the globe.

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