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Half a million people came to a small dairy farm in upstate New York. They came to be a part of what would become a historic event. They came to be a part of  “a gathering of the tribes.” They came to be a part of the music. They came to “the Garden.”  Now, almost 50 years later, we invite you to return with us. To all of you who lived through those times… To all of you who weren’t around then, but who have heard the tales of those who were. Come with us…back to the music. Come with us…back to the magic.  Come with us…back to the Garden.

Formed by Gary Adamson in 2009, this is a group of versatile musicians and singers who have come together to celebrate the music and the spirit of the Woodstock Era.  The musical performances are a tribute to the artists who made Woodstock great – Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, the Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival….and all the rest!

Back to the Garden 1969 is a tribute to a very special moment in time and to the many artists whose music will be forever known as “Classic Rock”. From nostalgic Baby Boomers to intrigued Millennials, and all those in between there is something in this show for EVERYONE!

So, grab your tie-dye and love beads and celebrate Woodstock’s Golden Anniversary!


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