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Using the help of the internet, 60 Minute Missions is offering audio escape rooms to respond to the demand for creative stay-at-home entertainment. Our gamemasters are working remotely from their homes and available for scheduling an audio adventure for the ears and mind. These audio adventures are recommended for teams of 2 to 4 people and cost just $30 per session. (Booking are per team, so select 1 participant during booking.)

Game play is a little like a tabletop role-playing game, a little like a text-based adventure game, and a lot like a real escape room. Games should last approximately an hour, or until the team is complete.

Once scheduled, the gamemaster will distribute a link for a Zoom screen share and audio dial in to the email addressed used for booking. The screen share is very helpful as some puzzles are best shown visually. Teams should join the session at the scheduled time and be ready with some pen and paper to take notes and draw diagrams during game play.

Starting May 28, we've got a brand new audio mission for the movie lover in all of you.  It's a Red Carpet Rescue mission where the Academy Awards have been hacked and it's an inside job. Fake award envelopes have been swapped with the real ones to rig the results.  We've got about an hour until the Big Four awards - Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Picture. 
Can you bypass the security protocols, find the real envelopes and switch them back before it's time to announce the winners? 

Themes will change periodically in response to the demand from our wonderful player community.


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