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Local surrealistic painter Stephanie Oplinger announces her first solo exhibition, titled A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM, opening on July 1 and continuing through July 31. 

The nearly two dozen paintings comprising the collection, featuring deeply dreamy and surreal imagery, are sure to enchant visitors at the Center. Stephanie’s unique combination of our world and the surreal dreamscapes of her imagination serve to express the moment when our perception of reality ends and daydreaming begins. Oplinger is known for her work in the permanent Special Art Collection at the Greater Latrobe SHS and is noted for her use of bold, vibrant colors and a strong contrast between light and shadow.

This collection of paintings, titled similarly to the famous Shakespearean play, evokes feelings of starry summer nights and the strange webs we weave in our dreams. Her work features images of human figures in relation to nature, space, and narrative. Not only dreamy and imaginative, but her work is also deeply intense and emotional.

Imbued with feelings of escapism and visuals of symbolism, her work makes connection between lighter imaginative stories and deeper real-world meanings. Such is the piece PYRE AMONG THE STARS, last seen on display at last fall’s GLSD’s Annual Art Gala.

Says Stephanie of her series, “Escapism is a major part of what I love about art and writing. Our imaginations give us a space to step back from our real world problems and limitation, take a breather, and think about what is happening to us in more abstract ways. And oftentimes, imagination is the very thing that empowers us to solve our real life problems.”

Local artist Stacey Pydynkowski says of Oplinger’s work, “Stephanie’s dreamy, surreal artwork provides a feast for the imagination.”

“My hope is to inspire the viewer with a sense of wonder and possibility,” states Stephanie. “I invite you to bring your imagination, stay awhile, and dream of dreamy nights and stranger worlds.”

About the Artist: Stephanie Oplinger is a visual artist and storyteller from western Pennsylvania. She enjoys painting in a surrealistic style, combining the fantastical with the familiar and sharing the narratives and dreamy landscapes from her imagination. Her primary medium of choice is acrylic paint, but her work expands into ink and charcoal, wearable 3D art, writing, and film, as well as projects advocating for the survivors of human trafficking. Her work is part of the permanent collection at the Greater Latrobe SHS.

About the Greensburg Garden & Civic Center: The Center is a multi-use facility managed by the Westmoreland Cultural Trust and has become one of the area’s premier meeting, education, and special event facilities. 951 Old Salem Road, Greensburg. (724) 836-3074.


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