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The Open House will allow visitors to explore all areas of Greensburg Garden & Civic Center including the penthouse suite. Guests can speak with senior staff and GG&CC tenants to learn more about the facility and its history.

Greensburg Garden & Civic Center was built by philanthropist Katherine Mabis as a memorial to her late son, Mennel Mabis Smith, as well as providing her a catalyst to enable her vision of creating a regional educational and cultural civic center.  McKenna’s years as a student of engineer drawing, horticulture and landscape design contributed to her visionary plan to ensure that the center was a multi-functioning facility for a variety of community organizations.

The unique building, featuring glazed green brick and concrete sheeted steel columns studded with marble chips, was deeded to the city of Greensburg in 1969 by the trustees of The Katherine and Mennel Smith Charitable Foundation and dedicated on October 25. Initially governed by the Greensburg Garden & Civic Center Board of Directors, a five-member commission was appointed by city council in 1990 to oversee the center's operation, as well as that of the board’s new acquisition, The Palace Theatre.  In 1992, the board voted to change the focus, and the name, of the governing body. The Westmoreland Trust (later renamed Westmoreland Cultural Trust), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed to manage and operate the GG&CC, as well as serve the community on a much larger scale.

Today, GG&CC has become one of this area's premier meeting, education, and special event facilities offering four conference rooms with flexible seating space and a 320-seat auditorium. The center is utilized by more than 100 organizations hosting 700+ events each year and serves as home to seven nonprofit organizations - CityReach Church Westmoreland, Community Foundation of Westmoreland County, Greensburg Civic Theatre, Greensburg College Club, Greensburg Garden Center, Westmoreland Suzuki School or Music, and Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra & Academy of Music. 

The Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation continues to support the vision of its founder with annual grants to ensure that Greensburg Garden & Civic Center provides a comfortable and convenient place for the community to meet, network, and learn.

Westmoreland Cultural Trust is requesting that the public RSVP to the event by visiting our website here or emailing or calling Jan Borsoum at or 724-836-3074.


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