If you made a New Year's resolution, and you've stuck with it this far, here is your guide to completing it in the Laurel Highlands. You can do it, have faith in yourself! If you haven't thought of one yet, consider this your inspiration.


Eat Healthy 

Connections Cafe

We all know the hardest part of getting fit is eating healthy. But Laurel Highlands restaurants make it easy! Enjoy a meal prepared with local and organic ingredients at Myriam's Table or pick from a selection of unique salads made in small batches daily at Connections Cafe.


Get Active


Did you know that there are 700 miles of hiking and biking trails in the Laurel Highlands? Go on a daily leisurely walk with a friend or take a jog. Regardless of the route you take, you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and mesmerizing views. For motivation, train for a 5K or Mud on the Mountain, you will feel so accomplished when you finish! 


Spend Time with Family

Hidden Valley Snow Tubing

Family comes first, and that's the way it should always be. The Laurel Highlands has amazing family-friendly attractions, You could potentially spend every day doing something new. Go snow tubing, check out an animal park, explore nature on a brisk hike, explore caves and more. The fun is endless!


Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

Whitewater Rafting

Make 2018 a year to remember by stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new! Go snowboarding, tackle the Middle Yough on a whitewater rafting adventure, accomplish all 150 miles of the Great Allegheny Passage or zoom past treetops while zip lining. 


Manage Stress Better


The region is bursting with yoga studios and wellness centers. Taking a yoga class will not only stretch your body, but your patience as well, and you'll get a workout in the meantime! Some classes include a meditation session, which will be sure to clear your mind.