Did you know 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the bicycle? The bicycle was invented in Mannheim, Germany in 1817 by Karl Freiherr Von Drais. Dras was worried about the dependence on horses and animals after the eruption of a volcano affected the climate and left many horses dead. This early form of the bicycle, a draisine was essentially a bike without pedals; pedals would later be added in the 1860s. 

Then, bicycles were much more expensive. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that bicycles began to be mass produced. To this day, the bicycle is the most environmentally friendly form of transportation and an excellent way to escape, recreate, and relax. 

Mountain Biking
Celebrate the anniversary on these three off-the-beaten-path trails in the Laurel Highlands. 

Indian Creek Valley Trail offers spectacular views of Indian Creek, with 8 miles of leisurely rail-trail from Jones Mills to Camp Christian. The trail passes beautiful, historic farms along the way. 

Pleasant Valley Park in Murrysville is well-suited for beginner to intermediate mountain bikers. These 5 miles of trails combined with 2 miles of old farm roads make for a serene spot to explore. 

A beautiful, remote trail, Quebec Run Trail offers a unique mountain bike experience for advanced bikers, with occasional rock gardens and stream crossings.