Hello! My name is Louise, and I’m an import from across the pond. To be more specific, I’m actually from a village in Somerset County, England. Yes, you read right. I’m from Somerset County, UK, and now I promote Somerset County in the Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania!  What a coincidence!?!  

Here’s the quick scoop on me: Born, raised and educated in Somerset County, UK with the good fortune of studying in the resplendent City of Bath for my history degree. Mum to two super-cool kiddos. Lived in the Rheinland Pfalz region of Germany for six adventurous years, and now reside in Westmoreland County, part of the glorious Laurel Highlands.  I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE history and have been lucky enough to work for different heritage organizations over the years.  I’m currently a member of the Reenactment Unit – IBWCP Westmoreland Militia, and I volunteer as much time as I can to Historic Hanna’s Town in Greensburg.Louise and Betsy the Jeep

So, after folks ask me “What brings yinz ‘er???” the next most popular question is… “Is it very different to home”? And the answer is  ABSOLUTELY. YES!  The vast and remote beauty of southwestern Pennsylvania never ceases to amaze me. Traveling down the historic Lincoln Highway (Rt. 30) every morning, my heart soars as I see the mountain ridges in the distance, and as I pass through the lush green avenue of trees, I just feel uplifted and thankful that my life’s journey has brought me here. Of course, the trees that tower over us now are really only a fraction of the size of their 18th century counterparts. I can only imagine how British soldiers felt, as they hacked, chopped, and dug their path through the dark, dense forests, hills, and valleys of Penn’s Woods in Colonial times to build Braddocks Road and later Forbes Road as a main artery to the West. And here we are in 2016 driving, biking, cycling, and walking in the footprints of these men. Follow me as I wind my way through the foothills and valleys of the Laurel Highlands with my trusty steed, Betsy the Jeep, and discover the Laurel Highlands!