Posts from June 2016

Somerset Barn Star Tour

If you’ve ever driven through Pennsylvania, you’ve no doubt noticed the Keystone State is home to a plethora of barns. Some are red, some are white. Some are simple, one-level buildings while others are multi-storied structures. I’ve even seen purple barns and round barns in my travels. To the untrained eye, one barn may seem…

Ligonier Stroll

A Retro Relaxing Getaway

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 10:00 AM by Laurel Highlands

Wish you could venture back to simpler times? Do you think of the fifties and sixties with fondness and nostalgia? Have you ever watched Mad Men and wished you could visit their era? In the Laurel Highlands, you can take that trip to the good ol’ days. Spend a weekend reliving your glory years, or experiencing a little piece of the past.…

Mountains of Fun Blog

Mountains of Fun

Friday, June 3, 2016 4:00 PM by Stacey Magda

A 3-Day, 2-Night Trip Tour the wild side while you experience underground worlds of wonder, interact with majestic animals from around the world and kick back and relax with live music in a park. This is an adventure students, families and kids at heart will never forget. The Laurel Highlands offers four seasons of mountains of fun! Day One…