Haunted Attractions Haunted Attractions


Frightening Fun in the Laurel Highlands

Are you ready for a chilling experience that’ll rattle your bones? Venture into the most haunted places in the Laurel Highlands. For those sensitive souls who can’t handle the horrors and frights around every turn, there are plenty of places to enjoy the fall foliage and light-hearted Halloween fun, like at Idlewild’s HallowBOO

Unearth the best haunted houses, hayrides, and so much Halloween hullabaloo. These ominous, hair-raising attractions will have you on edge and clinging to your companions. Climb aboard a wagon and ride into terrifying darkness. Hear ghost stories and legends of apparitions, unexplained phenomenon, and lingering spirits at historic landmarks and attractions throughout the Laurel Highlands.

A Wagon Ride through a Haunted Forest at Allen’s Haunted Hayride

Visit the Allen family cemetery and church on a wagon rat at Allen's in Smock, PA. You never know what monsters and ghouls will appear in the trees. Venture into the Haunted Hayshed, if you dare. Experience classic horrors in the Tavern of Terror, and walk through scenes from Frankenstein to Dracula and Carnivale to Alien Invasion. Bring snacks and drinks to enjoy around the bonfires… that is if you survive the ride. 

A Barn Full of Restless Spirits Haunted Hayloft

WHaunted Hayloftitness the terrifying night of the Umberger tragedy, experience the fate of the murderers, and follow them to their home in hell at the Haunted Hayloft. Will you escape? And even if you do, will you ever be the same? The fright of your life awaits you. Explore the corn maze of carnage, and try to find your way out. Take the hayride with paintballs in hand. Will you hit the targets in the field of fun, or will they get you first?

Will You Survive a Night at the Haunted Hillside?

Haunted HillsideHear the twisted story of the Farmer family, killbillies that leave their dead to be re-animated and terrorize the countryside. A black ops team has setup a quarantine to weed out the infected in the area. Have you been infected? Will you survive a trip through the Salvage yard where a neighboring farmer and his mechanical monstrosities are seeking revenge? Venture to the Forest of the Forgotten, where forgotten souls still roam, and Scarecrow Alley. There are so many frights and terrors around every corner of this disturbing area. 

Huston’s Haunted Hollow Where Your Worst Nightmares Come To Life

Huston's Haunted HollowFrom the Revolutionary War era boarding house with a mad mistress who traps her boarders and makes sure they sleep like the dead, to the traveling circus that resides in the barn, Huston's is full of sinister creatures. Take a hayride through barren fields to the end of the world, and brave the walk through the toxic swamp full of mutilated monsters. Tortured spirits taunt those who walk through the Dead End Cornfield.

Spend the Night with Ghosts at Larimer Mansion B&B

Larimer Mansion B&BTake a tour or spend the night in the haunted Larimer Mansion B&B, with over 200 years of historical guests and interesting owners. The B&B offers tours by appointment only. Presidents and Vice Presidents once walked these halls, or are they still walking them? The previous owners brought some scandalous guests and salacious activity into the home. One proprietor ran a brothel out of the home, while another was burdened with his gambling problems. Many characters from the years still linger in the building, some friendly and harmless. Be on the lookout for Maggie, the ghost of Margaret Ann Larimer, who has been known to sway in a rocking chair in one of the guest bedrooms. Experience the B&B for yourself. Are these stories merely local legend or is the B&B truly a hotbed of ghostly activity? 

Survive the Lonesome Valley Farms Valley of Terror

Lonesome Valley FarmsThe gruesome madness at the Slotter farm, a once thriving, productive agricultural haven, will stay with you forever. Will B Slotter and his family crossbred animals at the farm, and turned these creatures into aggressive flesh eating monsters. The farmhouse and barn are open for tours for only the bravest souls. Take the hayride through the maze and the trail of the valley, and, if you're too scared, venture into the corn maze, and get lost in the 5 acre maze that isn't infested with anything scary.