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Laurel Highlands Logo

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Download the Laurel Highlands Logo

The LHVB Logo and any applicable County Tourism Grant Program logos can be found here for download. Below is an overview of the available logos, and their approved usages.  All logos are available for download below, with the exception of the .EPS formats, which can be obtained by contacting Kristin Ecker at

Download a pdf of the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau Approved Logo Usage Guidelines.

Available Versions/Formats:

To save the below files, right click the link and select the "save image as" option.

Color Option:


Download here:

Color with URL Option:


Download here:

Reverse White Option:


Full-size: PNG - no URL

Full-size: PNG - with URL

Which File Format Should I Use?

.jpg (JPEG) file extensions are a very commonly used file format for printed pieces.  If you are looking to print the LHVB logo on a solid white background, then a JPEG logo is the file for you.  However, JPEG file types do not support transparency, which means that the logo will always maintain a white boxed background (also the white reverse logo cannot be used as a JPEG because it would appear as one large white box).  If you are looking to place either the colored or white logo directly onto a photo or colored background, that would require usage of the .eps version of the logo.  This file type is not available for download on our website, and you will need to contact Kristin via email for this file.  PNG files are suggested for online usage, but a JPEG file can be used for the online purposes also.  

Usage Examples:

Below are examples of how to choose your logo usage accordingly.  Either logo in a .PNG format will produce the same results as the .EPS when used for online purposes.

usage_1   usage2

For Somerset County Tourism Grant Recipients Only - The required Somerset County Tourism Grant Program logo is available for download here. JPEG (.jpg) is the only format available. Right click the link to save the logo to your computer.  

Please feel free to contact Kristin Ecker at 724-238-5661 x104 or with any additional questions regarding logo usage. 

For the EPS file of our logo, to be used by designers, please contact our office.