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Group Tour Program opportunities:

For any questions regarding upcoming Group Marketing events or the Group Tour program, contact:
Stacey Magda, Group Sales Manager at 724-238-5661 ext. 111 or

Welcome to the World of Group Tour! With such a diverse and value packed region, the Laurel Highlands is a worthy destination of choice for group tours. Tour Planners work well in advance to plan memorable journeys with group sizes that can vary from 10 to 100 or more, depending on the type of special niche interests the group desires.

For this reason, we encourage you to join us in our quest to provide visitors with the best services possible when they come to the Laurel Highlands. With the requests we receive to offer our partner's valued information, the following are reasons why you should take a look at the Group Tour Program:

Camping/Camp Sites/RV's; Colleges/Scouts/Student Tours; Culture/Arts' Experiential/Hands-on Activities/Factory Tours; Faith-Based Groups; Retreats; Family Gatherings/Reunions; Farm-to-Table/Wineries; FIT's/Individual Travelers; Gal's/Guy's Getaways; Heritage/History; Outdoor Recreation; Performance Venues; Sports and Competitions; Sightseeing and Add-ons to tours created with our partners, your valued services! Travel Services to Step-on Guides, Receptive Planners in our region, Transportation Services and so much more!

So you may ask yourself?

What do you receive with participation in the Group Tour Program?

  • Representation in 1,000 four-color Group Destination Planners distributed to planners.
  • Expanded coverage of your services on 
  • Inclusion as follow up to over 20 Tour and Travel Shows/Sales Retreats and Sales Missions!
  • Appointment Notes/Direct Leads/RFP's for your services as a result of meeting/Office Calls! 
  • Members of multiple major Tour & Travel Associations nationwide, on your behalf!
  • Attendance in Statewide and Regional partnerships to represent your services!
  • Sample Suggested Itinerary Options and Familiarization (FAM) Tours to include you!
  • Tour Product Development connecting you with other partners to sell the destination and include your services when you do not have to leave your office! We bulid on tours for you!

We are an extension of your sales staff and take great pride in representing your services!

The value in our programming for the yearly coverage you receive is exceptional and we welcome you to join our team! The Laurel Highlands has so much to be proud of, and we Thank You for all that you do!

Reminder to Group Tour Program Partners!

Tour Product Development

We are seeking what ‘the experience' would be if a group tour came to your establishment or used your services!  Be mindful that a Group Tour can be a small as 10 - 20 or as many as 45 or more!  Can be different niche markets, this is not intended for only motor coach tours, but any means of travel or for many ages!

Few questions to consider when creating group itineraries:

  • What amount of time would you wish to be included?
  • In other words what would you be offering a group so they are prepared with ample time in the itinerary?
  • In that amount of time, what would the experience be?
  • Think creatively and perhaps offer something that an individual visiting would not get to participate in!
  • What would the ‘take-away' be if any?
  • In other words, would you factor something in on the admission fee so that when they depart they take home a treasure? A memento of their special visit with you!
  • When dining, what special service could you provide?
  • When lodging, what special service might you provide? 
  • In essence why should they include a visit with you?

Day Tours

Linda is creating Day Tour options throughout our region so that they ultimately will become a ‘menu of opportunity' where clients may select different day trips to build their multi-day stay!  A Hub ‘n Spoke Tour is simply lodging in one location and taking multiple day trips to each end of our region during the course of their stay! Would you like to be part of a tour?

Contact Stacey Magda