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You'll experience miles of beautiful western PA hiking and biking trails when you visit Laurel Highlands.

Great Allegheny Passage High BridgeExplore miles upon miles of pristine Pennsylvania hiking and biking trails. Year after year, our state parks and public lands welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors. Here you’ll set out on a path to appreciate the beauty of the mountains and experience some outdoor adventures. Many of these same trails are designated for mountain biking and horseback riding as well. So whether you prefer a level ride or some seriously inclined mountain biking, the Laurel Highlands has you covered.

Head out with guidance from seasoned experts. You can even leave your gear at home. Our knowledgeable and friendly outfitters can get you ready and provide you with all the equipment you’ll need for your hiking and biking adventure. Camping supplies, bike supplies, and terrific advice await you at these great outfitters and guide services.