Irwin Business & Professional Association

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  • Irwin, PA 15642
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The Irwin Business and Professional Association is an all-volunteer group that promotes the health and vitality of the Irwin Business District for the benefit of the families in Westmoreland County. The IBPA sponsors several community events, such as the Chili Cook-off & Wing Thing, the Ethnic Festival & Summer Craft Show, Art & Jazz Nights (3), the Annual Irwin Car Cruise on Main Street, Fall Craft Show, Sing for Their Supper, Sippin’ Down Main Street, Community Flea Market, Bingo every Monday night, the Children’s Halloween Parade, Ghost Walk, Ladies Night, the Light-Up Night Parade, and the Christmas Cookie Tour. Please click on the YouTube icon above to see the events the IBPA sponsors as well as other Irwin celebration parades.

Join us for the 3rd annual Ghost Walk of Downtown Irwin. On the tour, you will hear about the history of the ...More info

Trick or Treat 12-2:30

Parade 3:00

...More info

Downtown Irwin will be hosting its 8th annual "Ladies Night" event.

This evening will include dinner & ...More info

4:00 Main Street closes, store & restaurants are open!

5:00 Orchestra at 5th Street & Main ...More info

This is a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. Please join the ...More info

A wonderful excursion through the streets of Irwin gathering cookies along the way. Overflowing with Christmas ...More info

Irwin Business & Professional Association
Irwin Business & Professional Association
  • PO Box 222
  • Irwin, PA 15642