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When planning a group outing for a club, organization or church group, it's important to select a destination with lots of great things to do during the visit. And when selecting a location for a reunion, it's essential that it is easy to get to for the majority of attendees. This makes the Laurel Highlands hard to beat as a destination for group trips of all kinds.

Activities to Keep Everyone Entertained
As you'll see by browsing our website, there will be plenty of things to do when you bring your group to the Laurel Highlands. Zip-lining is a popular activity, and hiking trails and biking trails are accessible from virtually anywhere in the Laurel Highlands. Many waterways make rafting, canoeing and kayaking an easy addition to any trip. The Laurel Highlands showcases some one-of-a-kind attractions such as Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, The Big Mac Museum Restaurant, and George Washington's original saddle pistols on display at Fort Ligonier. 

Accommodations That Suit Your Style
Your group will have no shortage of places to stay in our three-county region. Accommodations vary with the region's impressive resorts and flag hotels. While those wanting to be in tune with nature can choose to stay in one of many vacation homes, outdoor cabins or campgrounds. Most have varied activities and things to do on premises to keep your family, church or club organization entertained. Special services for private parties and dining options available with select properties. 

Optimally located for reunions
Located within a few hours drive time from major metro areas such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., Cleveland and Columbus, the Laurel Highlands is a perfect location for many to gather. Pittsburgh's International Airport is the nearest major terminal and is within a two hours drive, this varies by what area of our region you choose to enjoy. 

Faith-based things to do and see
In the Laurel Highlands, your church group or faith-based organization can plan a wholesome outing, discover spiritual heritage, and build a stronger relationship with each other by reconnecting with nature. We're home to beautiful chapels and historic churches as well as some of the oldest religious sites built in the United States, such as the first Benedictine monastery at Saint Vincent's College Campus. Visit our heritage museums that are rich in religious history and include artifacts such as an original 1617 King James Bible, iconography, pilgrimages or tour our memorial sites in remembrance and in honor of those who were lost as well saved. 

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