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Outdoor recreation, wildlife excursions, reunions, student field trips or historic exploration are just some of the popular and exciting reasons why groups, clubs, families and organizations visit us in Western Pennsylvania.

Explore sample group tour itineraries to find a little direction and inspiration for developing a trip to satisfy your group's interests and leave them with memories that will last a lifetime.

For customized help in planning your trip and gathering information, contact our group sales team to seta familiarization tour of Laurel Highlands, PA.


Group Tour Travel Itineraries

By George! I Think We've Got It!

Take a Journey along the Historic National Road Heritage Corridor, the first major federally built highway in the country. Today it is home to numerous Historic Sites, vineyards, and extraordinary pleasures. From George Washington and beyond, enjoy a day or several on this beautiful roadway!

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Amy Roggenbuck, Ohiopyle 
Create Your Own Experiences - 
A Menu of Opportunities

A Menu of Opportunities to create lasting memories in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands. Whether it be a day trip or an extended stay, there is much to see and experience among our hills, valleys, and Historic Routes!

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Fort Necessity visitors center
Experience Your America...
Our History is Your History!

Many of the occurrences in the Laurel Highlands, have helped to mold and build our country. Our mountains and valleys have served as the battlefields, strategic routes, and more recently historic events that captured the world's attention.From George Washington to the Flight 93 National Memorial, our region encompasses centuries of history.

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Holiday Magic Among Our Treasures

Thrill with vibrant fire shows, feel the beat of the islands with joyous performances, create one of a kind gifts for loved ones with Holiday cheers to delight as we celebrate Christmas in the Highlands!

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Honoring our Heroes

Pay respects and witness living history in the Laurel Highlands. We honor our Military, Rescue Crews, our everyday Heroes that step up in the face of adversity and make a difference in people's lives.  A tribute to the bravery of the Flight 93 Crew and passengers, the resilience and faith of the Quecreek rescuers and miners, and a community that embraces patriotism. Take this journey and hear the untold stories of American history.

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Canopy with Rose
Let's Be Perfectly Frank!
...Lloyd Wright That Is.

Escape into the imagination of one of the world's most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. He embraced the Laurel Highland's landscape as an inspiration for his futuristic architectural designs. 

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Orouke Display 
Pleasant Mount Pleasant
and More!

A town rich in history and patriotism invites you to enjoy their glass-making heritage, Nationally recognized Landmarks, awe-inspiring Vineyards, honor, and much more!

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Water, Whiskey, and Wine!

Enjoy a day of soft-adventure as you ramble down a Historic River, learn about the distilling process and the Rebellion that led to a Revolution, sip the fruit of the vine in a Nectar Garden, and indulge in a Smorgasbord at a Tea Room!

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Women at the Wheel Tour: 
Along the Historic Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

For a long time, a woman's place was in the home; she kept busy taking care of the family. Oftentimes, it meant long hours at the spinning wheel. But, at the turn of the 20th century, a different  kind of wheel got her attention. The automobile set women on the road toward greater freedom and work opportunities. 

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