Group Travel Planning to the PA Laurel Highlands

Whether you are looking to plan a multi-day trip to Western Pennsylvania, or simply need an exciting stop-over destination in-between legs of your tour, the Laurel Highlands can be a perfect fit for your group's next trip.

Western PA's Allegheny Mountains are a popular place for groups to visit because of the varied options of things to do, and the ease with which groups can get to the region. Outdoor enthusiasts regard us as a top destination on the east coast because of the breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife and endless recreational opportunities. We are also home to historic sites and battlefields, national landmarks and one-of-a-kind architecture.

Few destinations offer the extent of travel opportunities as the Laurel Highlands.

Here's why you should make us your next group tour destination:

  1. Diverse group-friendly activities and attractions across varied interest topics
  2. Proximity to major tourism destinations such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.
  3. Perfect destination for stopovers and day-trip tours from other destinations 
  4. Value-packed and very affordable region with world-class amenities and attractions
  5. Group planning staff available to facilitate your planning process

1. Diverse group-friendly activities and attractions across varied interest topics

It's been said that there is something for everyone in the Laurel Highlands, and it's our job to bring it to your group, organization or club.

The Allegheny Mountains offer unmatched opportunities for nature and wildlife groups and outdoor recreation clubs. We're visited by hundreds of groups annually that come to Western Pennsylvania during all four seasons to observe our diverse and abundant wildlife, natural beauty and unique scenic by-ways.

An extensive trail and river system provides limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation clubs, especially white-water paddling, mountain biking and hiking clubs. Five national parks and eight state parks make the region special and fresh for all sorts of enthusiasts.

Groups interested in history and culture will find PA's Laurel Highlands unforgettable. Your tour can visit the finest example of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, Fallingwater, as well as two other Wright properties in the region. Historic battlefields, the Flight 93 National Memorial, and unique cultural centers and regional theater will surprise and delight your group.

2. Proximity to major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

The Laurel Highlands is a large region, spanning three counties in South Western Pennsylvania. Our location makes us an ideal destination for groups coming to and from many major metropolitan locations in the Northeast.

With the heart of our region located just an hour and a half southeast Pittsburgh, PA, our mountains and historic lands offer a quick and convenient getaway for our city neighbors. The Somerset, Donegal, New Stanton, and Irwin exits of the PA Turnpike are easy entrance points to the wonder of the Laurel Highlands.

Our location also makes us easily accessible from major metro areas including Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

3. Perfect destination for stopovers and day-trip tours from other popular destinations

For many groups traveling in the Northeast, the Laurel Highlands can be an easy addition to their travel plans. Traveling east or west through Pennsylvania? You'll find us located conveniently in between. For those heading north or south through Pennsylvania to or from Toronto, western New York, Erie or beyond, we're the perfect stop to break up the trip whether as an overnight, meal stop, or comfort stop en route to your next destination.

Located at the crossroads of several major highways including the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstate 70, Route 30 (The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor) and Route 40 (The National Road Heritage Corridor), you'll stay on schedule while adding value to your travelers by adding time at one of our many acclaimed attractions, shopping areas and more.

4. Value-packed and very affordable region with world-class amenities and attractions

The Laurel Highlands is a diverse and affordable region offering hometown charm and warmth among world-renowned sites. All of the lodging, dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities come at a distinct value. Many of our partners specialize in packaging, which creates simplified planning and adds additional savings to your group outing.

5. Group planning staff available to facilitate your planning process

Not sure where to begin? Our Group Tour Service providers can get you well on your way to a memorable visit. We specialize in being up to date on the best travel options to suit your needs and are here to make unforgettable memories possible.

Contact us today to gain access to these valuable planning tools:

  • Group Destination Planner
  • Group Tour Section of our Website
  • Downloadable PDF's - Digital Guide 
  • Promotional Material, Editorial Copy
  • Fun Facts/ Escort Notes
  • Regional Highlights/Points of Interest
  • Images - Photo Library
  • Special Events and Holiday Happenings
  • Sample Suggested Itineraries and Packages
  • Logistical Guidance and Mapping
  • Property Site Visits and FAM Tours when convenient for you

If you wish, we have reputable Receptive Operators and Hotelier Packagers who will make sense of your travel needs and plan all the logistics, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Contact our group tour travel team for help getting started in bringing your group to PA's Laurel Highlands. It's their job to make yours easier. 

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