Yoga on the Rocks

  • 2113 County Line Road
  • Champion, PA 15022
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2 Nights Lodging at Trillium Lodge

2 Yoga and Meditation Classes

2.5 hour Yoga Hike

-Learn to fuse yoga and movement, Push past fears, Use contours in nature to enhance your practice, Live Limitless!

Guided Outdoor Climbing Session

-The team at Wilderness Voyageurs has the experience to help you transition from indoor to outdoor climbing in the scenic Ohiopyle State Park.

All Meals

-We provide healthy, organic local ingredients to provide delicious meals to fuel your body for the activities of the weekend.

Live Music

-The weekend would not be complete without dancing the night away! We enjoy live music at The Fall’s City Pub on Saturday night.





-All Inclusive 2 Nights Lodging, Meals and Activities

-Friday, July 7th through Sunday, July 9th

-Friday, October 6th through Sunday, October 8th



-Fresh Juice, Yoga Hike, Rock Climbing and Meals

-Saturday, July 7th

-Saturday, October 7th


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Yoga and climbing compliment one another perfectly! Yoga hikes are a most unique yoga experience. We merge with nature, utilizing rocks and cliffs, trees and waterfalls to enhance our practice.


We will guide you to your comfort level and beyond as we explore all aspects of yoga and adventure while immersing ourselves in nature. Learn to recognize fear for what it is and overcome it so that you may choose to live limitless! We will share with you how to fuse yoga and movement, with techniques for moving uphill and downhill. Increase your balance and stamina as we mindfully practice yoga using contours in nature such as trees, rocks, creeks and rivers. Every time I practice outdoors, I am grateful that my studio has no walls!


Learn more about Yoga Hikes and Retreats at


Tuesday June 20th and Thursday July 6th We will meet at Pittsburgh City Parks for an urban hike series! The 90 minute yoga hike is suited to prepare for an indoor climbing session at Ascend Pittsburgh.  ASCEND’s South Side location is among the top bouldering facilities in the world in terms of size, quality, amenities, and community-driven programming. ASCEND is a climbing gym run by passionate climbers who are deeply rooted in Southwestern Pennsylvania’s climbing community. The values we live by are simple: We are approachable and authentic, we respect our community, we strive for excellence, we are dedicated to safety, and we love to have fun!





The series culminates with  a weekend Yoga Adventure Retreat involving outdoor climbing July 7th - 9th and October 6th - 8th working with Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle. The area’s foremost experts leading outdoor climbing excursions.


The day begins with fresh juice and a yoga hike. Because we use the same rocks and trails in our yoga hike the activities blend seamlessly together!


When we get to the rocks, your guide will have  top ropes set up over multiple routes with a range of difficulty so there will be less downtime for the climbers.


This entire series is for ALL LEVELS

The guide will give a standard safety talk and demonstrate some basic moves to help get you started. Then they will take their post at the one end of the rope, hook themselves in and get ready to belay, taking up the slack in the rope as you make your way up the rock wall. If you fall, no worries, your instructor will brake the rope, keeping your free fall to a minimum.

Halfway through the day it is time to take a break and eat lunch. We will have a picnic lunch at a most beautiful cascading waterfall where we will also practice meditation and more yoga! Then it’s right back to the wall. After everyone has had their fill, and your hands are cramped into little balls, it will be time to head on back to the outfitter store. You may be tired and sore, but you’ll definitely have a day to remember, and possibly a new activity in your life!

Your weekend escape includes 2 nights lodging at the breathtaking Trillium lodge outside Ohiopyle State Park, 2 yoga and meditation classes, a yoga hike, an outdoor climbing excursion, all meals and nightly entertainment!

This is a great value and a potentially life changing experience!

Body in balance specializes in “Transformational Yoga”. This is truly a way of life. You will most definitely take home a more empowered human ready to ride the waves of this life with greater ease and grace always ready to embrace the change that is certain for all of us!!

Yoga on the Rocks
Yoga on the Rocks
  • 2113 County Line Road
  • Champion, PA 15022