"Tribute to John Denver" featuring Chris Collins

  • Sep 22, 2017
Starting: 12:00 PM
$45.00 per person all inclusive including a pre-dinner wine tasting, dinner, show, taxes and gratuities

Collins strikes a resemblance to Denver, and often accentuates it with a Denver-styled haircut and granny glasses. But he doesn't do an impersonation. "We try to present John Denver's music in a John Denver style without actually imitating his voice and his humor," Collins explains. "We don't go back and research what he said and those types of things. We bring the audience something that's reminiscent of a John Denver show but that feels completely fresh." Visit www.bouldercanyonband.com

"Tribute to John Denver" featuring Chris Collins
  • 450 Main Street
  • Rockwood, PA 15557